Is TikTok star Anna Banana bisexual? “Sweater Weather” video sparks curiosity

anna banana
screenshot from tiktok @annabananaxdddd

Social media users are using the song “Sweater Weather” to come out as bisexual, and TikTok star Anna Banana is one of them.

Who is Anna Banana?

Anna Shumate – known as ‘Anna Banana’ is an 18-year old American social media star, best known for her brilliant TikTok videos.

Her TikTok account – @annabananaxdddd currently has 10.4 million followers and 539.7 million likes… so she’s clearly very popular on the app!

Anna didn’t make a TikTok account with the intent to become a famous star, she began her account as a joke and quickly gained thousands of followers!

Is Anna Banana bisexual?

Social media users on all platforms have been wondering one question since Anna became big on TikTok… is she bisexual? Well here’s your answer!

Anna actually announced she was bisexual back in December 2020, where she posted a video of herself paired with the song “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood.


since ppl are still confused, here

♬ Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood

Now you may be wondering – why does this mean she’s bisexual, she never said she was?

People on social media are using this song as a code to announce they’re bisexual because the song discusses a very intimate relationship, whilst also talking about how cold it is outside.

This is the reality for many people in gay relationships, who aren’t accepted by society and have to stay in the closet (in the cold).

TikTok star @jameswrightt also used the song to come out- we love to see it!


plz don’t hate me, i have my whole life but i’m finally starting to love myself

♬ Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood

Coming out can be daunting, so we love this idea for creating a less scary way for people to tell their friends and family!

TikTok users react to Anna Bananas sexuality

Although her sexuality should be nobody else’s business – TikTok users can’t help but be nosy and comment about it!

@dezisntfamous was very happy about Annas announcement about her sexuality.

And so was @yvngtreytrey!


@annabananaxdddd @_gabefernandez this is too funny lol just a joke

♬ Kolors – Monte Booker & Smino