The most savage Ikea Employee is on TikTok – Get to know Scott Seiss!

Screenshot from TikTok @scottseiss

Have you watched the videos of the Ikea employee on TikTok who is completely fed up with the customers? Now’s a great time then!

This TikToker is a celeb on the platform because of his savage videos. His content is all about the questions that customers typically ask in Ikea and what he would like to respond with. Everything he posts is going to give you a laugh or at least a smile. Even his frustration is funny. Maybe these videos will make us all better customers too.

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Get to know the Ikea employee – Scott Seiss

Scott has a lot to share about being an employee at an Ikea store. Customers make unreasonable requests, jokes without humor, etc.

Mr. Seiss decided to use all this frustration and create content on TikTok. He describes himself in the bio as “Comedian. Writer. Generally Nervous Person”.

This comedian hails from Baltimore, Maryland, and does gigs all over the States. He has a website in his name where he shares that he is a member of a sketch troupe called The Ruse and that his writing has been featured on The Rich Eisen Show, Watch Mojo, and a few others.

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Scott has studied comedy writing and improv in New York and a fun trivia about him is that he gets nervous when a waiter asks a follow-up question.

Social media handles

If you want to engage with him, you can always share a comment on his TikTok videos, like the rest of his 203k followers.

But a better way would be to tweet to him on his Twitter page (@ScottSeiss) where he is funny as well. You can also find him on Facebook with the username @scott.seiss.

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His best TikTok videos

Here are some of the most hilarious content that you shouldn’t miss out on. He throws some pretty harsh truth bombs so be careful.

What do you think of his content and the customers he meets? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.