TikTok: Soviet Police identification chart filter explored with examples!

soviet police
Screenshot from tiktok @imurderlittlechildren7

Yet another fun way to use the Shapeshifting effect on TikTok has been discovered, but this time you can find out how the Soviet Police would have identified you!

Want to find out how the Soviet Police would have identified you in the 1960s? Then this filter is for you! In this article, we will explore what this new filter is, how to use it, and show you some great examples!

What is the Soviet Police identification chart filter?

The photo used for the effect is a sketch from around 1960 by the Soviet Police which was used to identify suspects based on their ethnicity!

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This filter isn’t technically a new one, as, like many other TikTok trends, it uses the popular ‘Shapeshifting’ filter.

It has been paired on TikTok with the sound ‘King Of The Hill Theme – The Refreshments’

TikTok users are loving using this to find out how they would have been identified if they were around in the 60s…

How to do the filter on TikTok

Want to get involved? Follow these steps!

First, head over to google and type in ‘Soviet identification chart’. This should bring up plenty of pictures of the chart you need to use. Choose one and save it to your photos.

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Then, open up your TikTok app.

Click ‘discover’ and type ‘Shapeshifting’ in to the search bar.

Click the Shapeshifting option under ‘effects’

Then click the record button.

Choose the ‘upload’ option to upload your photo of the chart which you saved in step one.

Then you’re done and ready to go!

Soviet Police identification filter examples!

The filter has been tried by many users on TikTok… Here are some of our favorite examples!


Why is Tatar just Walter White 💀 #fyp #armenia #kebab #christian fuckturkey

♬ King of the Hill Theme – The Refreshments

TikTok user @slyky1 found his results amusing, as his family is from Germany, and in the 60s he would have been identified as Jewish!

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However, the filter sometimes doesn’t actually work…

Now it’s your turn… What are you waiting for?

Head over to TikTok and see how you would have been identified!