We found Victoria from Does The Shoe Fit on Instagram – boys reject this influencer!

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The latest episode of “Does The Shoe Fit” is trending in the UK and people are trying to find who is the pretty girl that the boys rejected.

“Does The Shoe Fit” is an online dating show that airs on the YouTube channel of “Footasylum”, where four men, Chunkz, Filly, Harry and Konan, spend four minutes each with a woman on every episode.

The show has four seasons so far; the latest episode of “Does The Shoe Fit” has already hit a million views in just 18 hours and is trending in the UK 🔥.

In the latest episode the contestant was a gorgeous woman named Victoria. The guys found her incredibly pretty but equally boring.

Who is Victoria from “Does The Shoe Fit”?

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Victoria is a 21-year-old influencer who recently graduated from the London School of Economics.

She owns a swimwear brand labelled “Viki Swimwear”, which she launched at the beginning of 2020 and aims to make the biggest swimwear brand in the UK.

Her Instagram page is @victoria__mg and has over 20k followers, including several athletes like the Manchester United player Scott McTominay. Victoria is also followed by the famous DJ Jonas Blue 👀.

Most of Victoria’s pictures on Instagram are from summer vacations and feature herself modelling for her own swimwear brand.

Currently (Nov 9th), Victoria is in Dubai, a place she visits a lot from what it looks like on her Instagram feed.

She also has a TikTok account with over 33k followers.

Victoria on “Does The Shoe Fit”

Victoria is the latest contestant of “Does The Shoe Fit” and despite the fact that she is a beautiful woman, the guys all rejected her because of her character: “this is dry”, “this is boring as f**k”, “she left her personality at home” were some of the comments made by the four men.

From the very beginning of the episode, Victoria didn’t win any of the four guys, but when a certain question was asked, things went downhill for good.

Konan asked Victoria what’s her type: “I think you know what my type is”, Victoria laughed. “Tanned, dark hair, mixed-race.”

After that, the guys were all suspecting that Victoria doesn’t like black guys and when Harry asked her straightforward if she likes black guys, she answered: “Umm I like all times of guys”, but none of the four was convinced.

“Oh my God, she doesn’t like black guys!”, Filly screamed and spent just 35 seconds with Victoria on their speed date.

Victoria might not have won the heart of any of the four guys, but she won the attention of the viewers who are now searching of her Instagram account.