TikTok: Who is Ryder James? Age, Instagram and first TikTok!

TikTok - Ryder James

A new teen is set to dominate the major TikTok scene and his most popular video has a huge 10 million views, but who is Ryder James? Here’s all the info you need.

Ryder James may be the next TikTok heart-throb, as his comments section are always filled with fans swooning over his voice and begging him to flash them a smile.

The teen star makes a variety of videos but he mostly focuses on POV’s, lip-sync videos and trend videos, such as transitions.

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His most viewed video boasts 10M views, uploaded on October 7th, 2020, is a transition video where Ryder smoothly transforms from his ‘I woke up like this’ aesthetic, to a groomed and suited up version of himself.

He captioned it as “Idk I tried”, but clearly his viewers love it! In honour of reaching 500K on the platform, he recreated it the viral video, but this time, he is wearing a slightly unbuttoned black shirt.

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Ryder currently has 632K followers on TikTok and 40K on Instagram.

How old is Ryder James?

Ryder was born June 21st, 2006, making him 14 years old. He began TikTok in early September 2020 – he already has a fast-growing account at such a young age, that there is no doubt that he may become a household TikTok name by the time he is 16, the current age of Charli D’Amelio.

What was Ryder’s first TikTok?

The first post on Ryder’s account is a video of him lip-syncing to a scene in animation series Rick and Morty.

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It currently has 1.2 million views.


It was 117° outside btw 😂 #pov #fyp #fy

♬ original sound – Bravin Joseck

His most recent viral video, with 1.3 million, shows Ryder showing off his new smile without his braces. This means that the teen has made at least 4 videos of him just smiling at the camera; the first three as requested by his fans!