How to get the ‘Name Place Animal Thing’ filter on Instagram and TikTok – game on!

Name Place Animal Thing
Screenshot from TikTok of @kanchiisingh Kanchi Singh

The filter of the game ‘Name Place Animal Thing’ is going viral but has it reached Instagram yet? Let’s find out.

If you search the #nameplaceanimalthing, you will see that it has 1.4 billion views because this game that we played in childhood is not just fun but super challenging. Or at least it is for Hashtag Hyena 😅.

TikTok stars have shown their attempts and it is hilarious to watch them fumble when they are trying to come up with an animal name but can’t.

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If you are new to this game, here’s a refresher for you.

How to play Name Place Animal Thing game

You will be given an alphabet and you will have to come up with a name that starts with that alphabet, then a place, animal, and just about anything that starts with it.

So let’s say the alphabet is F. So You can go Frank for the name, France as a place, Ferret for an animal, and Furniture as a place.

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#nameplaceanimalthing n then I did this!!! Do you also go blank at times…???😝😝 well I did!! 🙈🙈 #trending #challenge #failedchallenge #tik_tok

♬ original sound – Kanchi Singh – Kanchi Singh

In the filters provided by TikTok, you are given 30 seconds to come up with 1 of all 4 categories and this time pressure makes the game very difficult.

You may know a lot of people, geography, and animals but you will need a lot of practice to play this game calmly.

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Is the filter on Instagram?

Of course it is. Anything that is trending on TikTok can always be found on Instagram but there are certain differences in the filter of course.

On TikTok, you show your hand to the camera to reset the timer and get a new alphabet. When it comes to Instagram, there is no time limit and the alphabet generator rotates and gives you a random number every time you start using the filter.

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If you go in ‘Browse Effects’ and search ‘Name place animal thing’ in the search bar, you will find 4 options. Opt for the filter made by @iren.kolovska as it is the easiest to use and looks aesthetically pleasing in the videos.

So try out the filter and remember that getting the right answer is not the point of the game but to mess up badly because of the time constraints which makes it hilarious.

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