Doing the Tap to Load Snapchat Prank Right


Pulling a tap to load Snapchat prank is a time-honored tradition among friends. Would you even be called friends if you don’t occasionally joke around and irritate each other?

By default, Snapchat auto-downloads snaps when you receive them so that all you have to do is click on them to view them. However, some are complaining that their snaps aren’t auto-downloading. And yes, you can take advantage of that! 

The video below of The Lord showed a hilarious Snapchat prank. His tap-to-load stunt led him to figure out who’s that friend who replies for the sake of answering.

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If you wanna try this tap to load Snapchat prank, main thing you’d have to do is download a loading screen video or a loading image that should look like below:

Your tap to load Snapchat prank wouldn’t be successful if you’d send those to your friends plainly as that. You should add a context or chat!

In orchestrating the “supposed” message, you have to use your imagination and creativity. But don’t forget to be genuine and authentic! Stick with the personality you’re friends have known you for.

Here are some tips to make your tap-to-load Snapchat prank successful and will drive your friends crazy!

1. Use emoji to your tap to load Snapchat prank.

Choose one among your most-used emoji. Your message must still have your personality. Don’t choose emojis that you haven’t used much for the longest. You wouldn’t want to give your friends an idea you’re pranking them.

2.  Fake an emergency.

Picture a serious situation that your friends would be highly concerned about. Traffic? Scam? Making them slightly panic is fun and easy to implement.

“I have bad news, sorry.”

3. Add drama.

Your best friends are a lot of things. They’re your secret-keepers, shoulders to cry on. They have literally sworn to heaven they got your back! So it’s nice to check sometimes if they’re still that.

“I have something very important to tell you… don’t tell anyone, okay?”

4. Make sure they’re online.

Check first if your friends are on the other side. Send them a short message like “hello” or “what’s up.” As soon as they reply, send them your prank message.

5. Intrigue them with a joke.

Don’t be cringy, and check the joke with yourself first. If you can laugh at yourself, then your friends are likely to laugh with you. So they’ll be intrigued by what’s in the video or image.

6. Fake a make-out message.

Pretend you mistakenly sent the message. You’d surely make your boyfriend and girlfriend outrageous or your friends as curious as cats.

There’s so much more you can do to test your juvenile friendship.