TikTok: Girl claims Mattia Polibio got her pregnant in viral video

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Mattia Polibio is an American TikTok star with over 5 Million followers, yesterday some serious tea was spilled claiming that Mattia has got a fellow TikToker pregnant.

The claims were made on an Instagram live by a girl who has previously been with the star and now TikTok is blowing up with people needing to find out the gossip, so here’s what we know.

Who is Mattia Polibio?

Mattia is 17 years old and from Totowa,New Jersey in the United States, his birthday is 16th of May 2003.

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He shares a variety of videos on his TikTok account from dancing to lip-syncing and even comedy pieces, he has over 480 Million likes on his videos, he started the account in 2018 and became extremely popular very quickly.

He also is an athlete and an aspiring soccer player usually playing the midfielder position.

Other than TikTok Mattia has a YouTube channel that has near 200 Thousand subscribers.

What is the gossip?

On December 7th 2020 Jade who goes by @allorajxde on Instagram and TikTok, went live on her Instagram account where she began explaining that her and Mattia used to hook up.

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In the Instagram live she claimed to be four months pregnant and claims that the baby is fathered by the TikTok star Mattia.

Someone commented on her TikTok video ‘I wonder what you and @mattiapolibio baby gon’ look like’ to which she replied ‘I AINT EVEN GOT WORDS FOR YOU’.


draft tbh @itsweezhoe (hoodie from @dollskill)

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TikTok has blown up with the news that Mattia might be a dad, the star has been linked to many other TikTok stars however, his only confirmed relationship was with Jenna Hablitz. 

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Mattia hasn’t commented yet on if the rumours are true, but we hope he does soon as we NEED to know if a TikTok baby is on the way!