What is the #myelf Instagram challenge – do you have an elf?

Screenshot, TikTok - @jessiespickandmix

Instagram challenges are back! And to suit the time of year the latest one is festive and social media is going crazy for it. With Christmas being just around the corner here is everything you need to know about the #myelf challenge.

Celebrities across the globe have taken the elf on the shelf tradition and turned it into a viral challenge that hundreds of people have begun to get involved with.

#myelf challenge explained!

The challenge is inspired by the festive tradition elf on the shelf, this is where parents of young children will hide a little toy elf around the house and let the children find him each day as if the little elf that sits on the shelf has come to life.

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Sometimes the elf will do naughty pranks like unraveling all the toilet roll around a room or leave crumbs on the side of leftover cookies that he has eaten all to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in the house for children.

What is key about the elf on the shelf trend for this challenge is that ‘elf on the shelf’ rhymes.

This naughty elf had to isolate this year, very fitting to the times

Celebrities have now cleverly twisted this Christmas tradition by finding the names of another celebrity that rhymes with their own name and then editing a little elf-like version of the celeb on their shoulder with the #myelf.

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The celebs will usually caption the photo ‘You have heard of elf on the shelf, now get ready for … and then the celebs name that rhymes with their own on theirs’

Here is Reese Witherspoon’s example , Grease on Reese.

Who started the challenge?

It is thought that American actress and model Garcelle Beauvais began the trend with her version of ‘Garcelle on Pharrell’.

After her hilarious post many other celebrities started to get involved and now the challenge is taking over instagram.

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Other celebrities #myelf

Mark Ruffalo with ‘Stark on Mark’ with Robert Downey Junior’s character Tony Stark.

Kerry Washington has done ‘Perry on Kerry’ With Katy Perry on her shoulder.

Get involved!

You don’t have to be a celebrity to get involved, just find someone who’s name rhymes with yours and edit a little elf-sized version of them on your shoulder and upload it with the #myelf, we are loving this hilarious festive Instagram challenge!