How old is Aya from TikTok? Birthday, fame and net worth!

Screenshot from @aaayyyaaaa_ TikTok

A popular TikTok creator named Aya is currently gaining masses of online attention regarding her young age. Viewers are wondering how old Aya really is and the answer sure does shock them!

In this article, we explore exactly who Aya is as we discover her birthday, rise to online fame, possible net worth and much more. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about this viral TikTok teen!

Who is Aya from TikTok?

Aya, known as @aaayyyaaaa_ on TikTok, is a content creator from the USA.

With over four million TikTok followers along with over 250,000 likes in total, Aya holds a huge online audience.

Her videos often feature the latest dance trends, transformations, challenges and much more.

Over on Instagram (@aaayyyaaaa._) the teen currently 950,000 followers and often uploads content including images of herself and friends.

Despite currently having no available content, Aya also has a YouTube channel (aya Tj) with over 60,000 subscribers.

Within a TikTok video posted back in 2020, Aya listed six facts about herself, including ratings of her appearance.

The creator also described herself as having a body count of zero, a height of 5 ft 1 inches and a weight of 115 pounds.

Back in 2020, Aya also took to TikTok to display some extra information about herself.

But, what about her age? Keep reading to find out!

How old is Aya from TikTok?

Aya was born on April 24th 2007, making her a Taurus at only 13-years-old!

The creator often mentions her young age in her TikTok videos. For example, she previously asked her viewers if she looks as though she was born in 2007.

Many viewers are utterly shocked that Aya is such a young age since her social media often includes mature content such as references to partying and more.

After receiving masses of shocked feedback, @negintheunsub commented:

“just cause shes 13 it doesnt mean she has to wear justice clothes and claires stuff, this is what makes her feel confident and happy y do yall care sm” also stated:

“Y’all gotta stop with the “wHeN i WaS 13 i WaS pLaYiNg WiTh DiRt” we all grew and developed in different time periods😐”

Some viewers express their disbelief of her age in response to her particular content.


Dose it feel illegal to watch Orr ? Sorry dad Ik your gonna see this lol

♬ all the time but with a little twist pt. 2 –

A user named @2trillish indicated their shock in the comment section by asking:

“R y’all sure she’s 13”

Were you shocked by her young age? 😱

Aya online fame and net worth

Aya’s huge online audience has enabled her to release her own merchandise range which can be found on the website named

Famous Face Wiki reported that Aya has an estimated, approximate net worth of $100,000.

Although this figure is yet to be confirmed, it is clear that Aya benefits financially from her online fame as she previously mentioned her monetary success in TikTok uploads.

Her primary source of income is thought to come from TikTok ads however, she also has modelling options and brand collaborations.

In 2020, the creator responded to a comment regarding her mother paying for her nails, to which Aya denied this claim and instead stated that she paid for them.

The teen also clarified that she in-fact pays for mostly everything she owns, listing examples such as her toe nails, eyelashes and makeup.

Aya also creates content alongside a male social media star named Derek Trendz, who has a large audience at the age of 17.

For more information surrounding the 13-year-old content creator, Aya, be sure to check out her various social media platforms!