TikTok: Soup For My Family – Donald Trump meme explained!

cans of soup
Screenshot from TikTok @arinsquirrel98

Donald Trump has said his fair share of bizarre comments, but his speech about soup being a deadly weapon beats them all.

‘Soup for my family’ is currently a meme on TikTok, and it’s a funny one.

The Donald Trump meme has resurfaced the internet recently, and here’s everything you need to know!

What is the soup for my family meme?

If you haven’t seen this meme, you may be wondering why on earth Donald Trump went on a tangent about soup – well here’s why.

This speech was on the 31st July 2020 where he was speaking to the National Association of Police Organisations after the death of George Floyd about the protests happening over America.

Donald Trump accused protestors of throwing soup cans at officers, however when they were caught, they claimed they were “for my family”

Social media users have found this hilarious – so of course, this has gone viral and many TikTok lip-syncs and skits have been made mocking this speech!

Why has the meme resurfaced?

The meme has resurfaced after a Daunte Wright protestor was seen on CNN with a can of soup and says he is “here with soup for my family” and winks at the camera…

When the reporter asked if he’s going to use this can to throw at officers, the protester responded “no, like I said it’s for my family”

Twitter users found this very amusing!

Hilarious soup for my family TikTok videos

Here’s some hilarious examples of the meme which we guarantee will brighten your day!


This is just soup… for our family… yeah @brynnknox #foryou #foryoupage #ariniswack #soup

♬ soup for my family – Natalia ☭

@kelseyfairleigh shows off her new t-shirt of the meme by @hungryastronaught which users are loving!


SOMEONE BETTER SOMETHIN ABOUT THIS GOT DAMN SOUP YALL!!! #soupformyfamily #soup #trump acab #greenscreen

♬ soup for my family – Natalia ☭

TikTok users are using #soupformyfamily to create their parodies of the meme, the hashtag currently has 5.5 million views!

Behind the meme – there is a president who is discrediting people who are protesting the murder of an innocent person… which is not cool. But at least the videos mocking Trump are funny.