Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Maren Altman drama explained: Astrologer apologises on YouTube, Twitter and TikTok

Maren Altman has become the latest social media user to be ‘cancelled’ by fans, and she has since issued an apology video on YouTube to account for her actions. 

As an Astrologer, Maren went viral in 2020 when she correctly predicted the outcome of the Presidential Election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

However, things have got a little complicated since then.

Who is Maren Altman?

Maren Altman became famous on social media due to her ‘rare gift’ in Astrology.
Although she was already famous, she gained viral status after her predictions about Joe Biden winning office came true.

She is 22 years old and is a Virgo star sign, an earth sign known to be a perfectionist and insistent on growing their current skill set, according to allure

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Maren’s social media accounts gained fame as she did, with over 80k followers on her Instagram account and over 142k subscribers on her YouTube Channel.

Not much is known about her family life, as she is more inclined to her predictions, and focuses on her profession- which is apparent in her revelations.

What we know about astrology predictions

Some individuals believe in astrology, and others don’t – however research has shown that there is at least some truth in some predictions that are made.

Astrology is all about the stars, the planets, and the star signs, and some astrologers are proficient in making predictions about what can happen. Some predictions can be really specific, like Maren Altman’s predictions about the election, or they can be vaguely relevant, like some Horoscope predictions.

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Whether you believe in Astrology or not, is what can help predictions to come true.

Screenshot, YouTube, @Marren Altman

‘Racist’ drama explained and her YouTube apology

Maren has recently come under fire for ‘stealing content’ from other ethnic groups on Twitter.

The accounts that she ‘stole’ content from left comments under her predictions, tweets, and YouTube videos, which has prompted Maren to create the YouTube video as an apology.

One Twitter user claims that it is ‘hard enough’ for Black Astrologers to get their predictions out there, without other people stealing their content.

Maren’s apology video doesn’t appear to have had the outcome she desired however, as Users in the comments of the YouTube video have blasted it ‘Fake’ and ‘Insincere’.

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