Neumane exposed for stealing content – TikTok drama explained!


You may be wondering why TikTok star Neumane has been receiving a lot of backlash from fans. Below we discuss exactly why he’s being called out, is this the end of Neumane?

Why is Neumane being called out?

Kane Trujillo – known on TikTok as Neumane, is a popular 21-year-old TikToker known for his creative, funny comedy videos which users have been loving.

Neumane has been accused of stealing smaller creators’ content and posting it to his TikTok account, claiming it as his own.

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The drama unfolded when TikTok user Joey Bailey (@joey.bailey) posted a side-by-side compilation of the videos which Neumane has stolen and the results are shocking…


they took this down so this is the last time I repost it

♬ original sound – Joey

It’s pretty obvious that Neumane has literally copy and pasted other people’s videos and pretending he came up with the ideas, so it’s no surprise his fans are outraged.

Neumane responds to Joey Bailey

Though he hasn’t responded publicly yet, Neumane sent a shocking voice note to Joey Bailey – all because he called him out.

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He threatens him to take the exposing video down, and says if he leaves it up he will “have a lot of enemies”. TikTok user @ttdramanews uploaded these voice notes to reveal this.


Credit @joey.bailey for calling out #neumane

♬ Dead Silence – Alx beats

Fans cancel Neumane

Neumane has been slammed by fans on all social media platforms for stealing smaller creators content.

On Instagram, fans have commented on his reels with “Who’d ya steal this one from?” (@flwrks) and “you getting cancelled buddy” (@maybe.no0ot).

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Only last week fans were praising him on Twitter for his funny original videos.

The news of this drama has spread quickly and fans are no longer praising him.

How the tables have turned!

Unless he publicly apologizes to both his fans and Joey (and starts making his own content…), Neumane’s career is done.

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Do you think he can make a comeback? Comment your thoughts below!