TikTok: What is Ships of the Northern Fleet? ‘Manifestation’ tricks everyone!

Screenshot, TikTok, @misternickel

The latest trend taking over TikTok isn’t like the rest, it’s not a Dance or a Challenge, this one is a manifestation that is so crazy, it just might work.

The Ships of the northern fleet TikTok appear, to the untrained eye, as users reacting to a video explaining their favourite parts of a TV show by the same name, but that is not the case at all.

What is Ships Of The Northern Fleet on TikTok?

Ships of the Northern Fleet is nothing, it is a fake TV show that was created purely for discussion by TikTok user @masternickel.

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He uploaded a video discussing this fake TV show, and an attempted experiment to see if he could create an ‘easter egg’ effect into user’s brains, and trick them into thinking that they have seen the TV show.

He claims it as a ‘manifestation’ technique and has even created characters for the show that still has never existed.

He claims that he wants to ‘pretend this show existed, and remember parts of it that were never there’ in this bizarre social experiment that is taking over TikTok’s For You Page.

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What @masternickel is doing has been compared to the Mandela Effect, a unique phenomenon where a large group of people each remember something differently from how it happened.


A late night thought I had … maybe do it as a birthday present for me? #ShipsOfTheNorthernFleet #SOTNF #NothernFleet #easteregg #nerd #wtf

♬ original sound – Mister Nickel

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is essentially bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief, a lot of Manifestation techniques use the power of speech repetition to bring it into existence.

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Joining in the art of Manifestation has become very popular on TikTok lately, with countless accounts teaching others how their lives have changed in a time period- via the use of manifestation techniques.

Affirmation is another type of Manifestation technique, which features users adding the affirmation to their morning routine.

Here is a TikTok video as an example:


say this to yourself during your morning routine ✨ #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #foru #strong #wellness #love

♬ original sound – Sara Fiorvento

Examples of TikTok videos

TikTok users have been having a great time replying to the original video in ‘Stitches’ and are managing to convince other app users that the Ships Of The Northern Fleet is a real TV show.

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This TikTok user plays right into the social experiment, claiming they haven’t read the books yet- very difficult to read them considering they don’t exist!


#stitch with @misternickel so glad to have found #ShipsOfTheNorthernFleet tiktok, I swear no one ever tells about these books!

♬ original sound – VanderJodphurs

Another user gets involved with what they ‘remember’ from the Ships of the north fleet TV show.