TikTok: Everything you need to know about LunaTheNoodle

Screenshot from TikTok @lunathenoodle

LunaTheNoodle is making waves on TikTok for being very flexible and her popularity is skyrocketing with her funny yet aesthetically pleasing videos.

So let’s get to know this contortionist better who is all over TikTok and check out her latest and most viewed videos below.


With two of the very best @bella @Lyra Star

♬ 3 2 1 BANG – ECHER

Who is @lunathenoodle on TikTok?

@lunathenoodle is a TikToker with one million followers and has gathered about 13 million likes with her videos. Her bio on TikTok says – Nothing I do here is “dangerous” because I am a professional.

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She is also pretty popular on Twitter (@lunathenoodle_) but if you look it up today (on 8th July 2022), you will notice that the account is suspended.

Keep reading to find out what she did to get suspended.

So the TikToker has not yet revealed her real name but just like the pasta and her username, her flexibility knows so bounds and she can bend any way she wants.


Reverse triplefold and triplefold with the amazing @Medusa 💙

♬ original sound – Mossbot

Her story is very inspiring because she was previously diagnosed with periventricular nodular heterotopia and epilepsy but she didn’t let her diagnosis hold her back in any way.

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She doesn’t just take gymnastics to a whole new level but also uses her skills to make creative and funny videos. There are also many challenges that she has started on social media that a lot of her followers are imitating.


So cool to meet the legend @Anna McNulty and get to teach her some skills too after learning from her tutorials for years!

♬ Run For The Oceans – Run For The Oceans

Luna is known among the top contortionist on TikTok like Anna McNulty. They even did a video together and Luna posted it with the caption that said that she used to learn from Anna’s tutorials when she started out.

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Another thing to note about her is that she is bisexual and not at all shy about it. This means that she has a solid fan base on just on social media but also on OnlyFans. She is also on Reddit with the same username but isn’t that active there.

Her content is NSFW sometimes and that had brought a lot of followers on Twitter but this is the reason her account got suspended.