What is the Jumanji 2021 meme? The year Alan released carnage!

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As 2020 draws to a close, people are very hopeful for whatever 2021 holds. 

With the Covid-19 Pandemic, Australian Bushfires, and death of Kobe Bryant, some hope that 2020 will become just a distant memory.

With there being countless terrible things that occurred in 2020, some people have compared it to the movie ‘Jumanji’ with hilarious result.

What is Jumanji?

Jumanji is a movie that was released in 1996 and was later rebooted in 2017.

The original Jumanji film centers around a magical board game that releases a world of dangerous creatures and adventures onto two siblings.

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The main character in the movie is Alan Parish, who was sucked into the game and lived there for many decades until he was finally pulled from the jungle by the kids who have just started playing the game.

The user must then shout ‘Jumanji’ and all of the chaos will be over, and everything returned to what it once was.

The game releases Rhinos and Monkeys into the world and 2020 has released Coronavirus and Brexit- you decide which world you would prefer to live in!

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People are drawing parallels between the chaotic year of 2020 and the disorderly magical game.

The Jumanji meme in comparison to 2020

Because of the crazy year that the globe has seen, 2020 is being considered a ‘Jumanji’ year by some.

Some of the users comparing it to this have come out with some hysterical memes.

This user compares the previous year of our lives to somebody playing a game of Jumanji- it would definitely explain a lot!

This Twitter user is not optimistic for 2021, after saying that we had lived through Jumanji, he compares 2021 to Zathura, another chaotic board game!

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This Twitter user says to call out ‘Jumanji’ which would end the game and turn everything back to normal. If only it was that easy.

In this meme, the user is pleading with someone to finish the ‘game’ that is 2020.

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In this meme, a user refuses to repeat 2020, by urging people to shout Jumanji and stop the game that we’re all living in!