Explained: Playmate Tessi berates alleged cancer patient before ‘apologising’ on YouTube

Screenshot of YouTube video ac @ PLAYMATETESSI

OnlyFans content creator Playmate Tessi has been caught on camera making fun of someone who may have cancer, having berated them for 10 minutes on a live stream. And, as you may have expected, audiences are simply not having it.

The YouTuber went on Omegle to talk to strangers yet ended up using all her time and energy insulting someone. By editing out the parts of the video, it appeared that Tessi thought she had got away with the live rant.

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However, a Reddit post revealed all.

What happened in the Omegle video?

Tessi insults the anonymous person in the video continuously, calling her “fat”, “ugly”, “special needs person” and worse.

She even added “my lips cost more than you” and “at least I am not a wh*re”. and repeatedly interrupted the other person with the statement “at least I am not f**king poor”.

After about three minutes, Tessi admitted that she wouldn’t post the video because she would get cancelled. She then realizes that the other person is wearing a wig and demands the wig is taken off.

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Even after it was suggested that the other Omegle may have cancer, the influencer kept making fun of her, calling her “deformed” and “pathetic”.

At the time of writing, the anonymous person in the video is still unidentified and it is not confirmed that they had cancer as of yet.

Who is Playmate Tessi?

Playmate Tessi is an influencer and content creator for YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter. She also has a subscription-based page on Onlyfans in which she posts uncensored content for an 18+ audience.

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An apology from Tessi on YouTube

After the leaked Reddit post, Tessi received a lot of hate and backlash. She was ‘cancelled’ on YouTube and, in response, posted a YouTube video with the title “I’M SORY.” on 11th January.

On 15th January, she posted a live stream called “CELEBRATING CANCER”, where she kept adding that she is “proud of cancer” and “is celebrating cancer”…. whatever that means!

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After that, she uploaded another one on 16th January titled “I’M SORY (I CRIED!!!!!)”.

However, when someone on live chat asked her what she was apologizing for, Tessa said that she was only apologizing because people wanted an apology, even laughing as she attempted to say the simple words “sorry”.