TikTok: Who is Marly Esteves? Age, strength and gymnastics!

Screenshot from @marlyesteves TikTok

Marly Esteves, a teenage TikTok creator, has begun spiralling the app after she was recognised for her strong-build.

Continue reading to find out who she is and just why this teen is getting so much attention online!

Who is Marly Esteves?

Marly Esteves is a 14-year-old gymnast living in the USA.

With 2.2 million followers along with 35.7 million likes on TikTok (@marlyesteves), Marly is well-known for her muscly build and often creates content including the latest dance challenges, trends and more.

Marly was recognised by viewers for her strong figure and had a sudden rise to popularity on the app.

She captioned her second upload in September 2020 thanking her followers for reaching 13K in such a short space of time.

The creator gained a huge 7.1 million views on a TikTok whereby she had duetted another user with her reaction to a video featuring her.

Despite having very few posts, Marly (@marlyestevess_ ) also has a large following on Instagram with a total of 59.4K followers.

Marly also includes her Snapchat username in her bio (@eesteves77).

How is Marly Esteves so strong?

As a successful gymnast, Marly trains hard and is therefore very strong – resulting in her muscly build.

Marly is clearly proud of her strong figure and openly responds to comments regarding this.

TikTok user, @aldunak addressed the teen’s clear-abs, to which Marly responded by showing an image of her six pack.

Marly has also shaded users who have commented offensive remarks regarding her strength.

Gymnastics and TikTok

The teen openly acknowledges her dedication to gymnastics on social media.

Taking part in difficult skills, Marly often impresses her viewers when it comes to featuring her gymnastics in videos.

Marly took part in the TikTok challenge named ‘show yourself then your sport’ and featured footage of her training, this upload now has 6 million views.

Gymnastics training videos are often requested by her viewers.

The creator also includes footage of her competing at gymnastics competitions on her TikTok page.

With 1.7 million views, the comment section of this particular video is filled with shocked-users.

A TikTok user, @austinbaabdaty, expressed their amazement by stating:

“she doesn’t do gymnastics, gymnastics does her 🥵”

Go ahead and check out Marly Esteves on social media for yourself!