Fans offer Ondreaz Lopez support on Twitter – focus on mental health and put leaked video in the past!

screenshot on twitter @c_handiiii

Ondreaz Lopez is an artist and TikTok star who recently released a video, explaining that he was struggling with mental health issues and is currently going through a rough time.

When the video had gone round social media and received by fans many people were concerned about his mental health and started to send positive messages to him, mostly via Twitter.

What happened in the Ondreaz Lopez Twitter video?

Ondreaz Lopez hasn’t had the easiest 2020. Earlier in the year, his nudes were leaked whikle other TikTok celebs also accused of sexual abuse towards a 17-year old.

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He also had claims of sexual abuse towards a girl on Twitter called Allesandra. This was shortly shut down by him as he explained that he was ‘not aggressive at all’ to this and the girl and at ‘no point’ did he force her to do anything.

Now, Ondreaz Lopez released a heartfelt video to his fans. It’s a short 30-second clip where he starts by saying he has been ‘in the pooper’ recently and has been there for the past couple of days.

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He then thanks his fans and blesses them, as his fans have been supportive of him during this time. The video was up for a short while but a user on Twitter uploaded it again.

Ondreaz Lopez also released some tweets to show how he’s going through a dark patch, often referencing how 2020 was a bad year and this year will be much better for him.

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Here are a few tweets from Ondreaz Lopez.

Support and reaction on Twitter from Ondreaz Lopez’ fans

This person makes a post about the situation and gives words of advice to Ondreaz, he also quotes retweets it and shows more love to his fans

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This person tells him to rest up and take a break from social media for a bit. His fans are really trying to help him get through this dark patch which is good to see.

This user expresses how close Ondreaz Lopez is to his fanbase and that they don’t see him as this TikTok celebrity and idol but see him as a friend thus why they’re being so supportive.

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