TikTok: Barbie, Bratz or Fairy trend explored with amazing examples!

Screenshot from @chiarakingmusic TikTok

TikTok’s latest trend involves working out whether you are a Barbie, Bratz or a Fairy and creators are loving it! They say every trio has one of these three characters, but which are you?

In this article, we explore this crazy new TikTok trend with hopes to discover what the hype is all about. Keep reading to find out if you are a Barbie, Bratz or a Fairy as we provide incredible examples!

What is the Barbie, Bratz, Fairy TikTok trend?

The Barbie, Bratz, Fairy TikTok trend involves discovering whichone of these three characters you look like.

A popular TikTok hashtag #barbiebratzorfairy currently has over 3.5 million views and is filled with fun content surrounding this trend.

Rumour has it that every trio has a Barbie, Bratz or Fairy…

@helin.dxski tested out this theory with her friendship group and it sure proved to be true!


Okay but I can’t believe it true… @roujedx @rouje_ #fyp #3prettybestfriends

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@chiarakingmusic asked her viewers which character she is.

Although she received mixed feedback, the majority assigned her with either Barbie or a Fairy.

Amazing Barbie, Bratz, Fairy TikTok examples

@_evacox used the crazy theory on her friendship group.

@mayastherapysesh used various Pinterest images and assigned them with either Barbie, Bratz or Fairy labels.


all of these were from pinterest so i don’t know the original names of anyone !! #fyp #bratz #barbie #fairy #barbiebratzorfairy #barbiebratzfairy


@heyitbeemma took to TikTok to discover which character she is, in the hopes to be a Fairy.

Wait! This trend can also be used with animated characters.

@vrpowdur assigned three animated TikTok users with either Barbie, Bratz or a Fairy label.


We want to know what you think of us! Who is the Bratz, Barbie, or Fairy of the group? #bratzbarbiefairy #everytriohasthesethree #barbiebratzorfairy

♬ white tee – theplutoaudios

@jennyarrieta01 used the Shapeshifting filter to workout that she is, in fact, a Bratz doll.

Wondering how to workout which one of these characters you are? Keep reading!

Are you a Barbie Bratz or a Fairy?

There are various different ways to workout whether you are a Barbie, Bratz or a Fairy.

@kind_astrology shared an explanation video which categorises you as a character according to your star sign.

By using the Shapeshifting filter on TikTok, you can also easily workout which character you look like.

First of all, you’ll need to find a picture of both Barbie, a Bratz Doll and a Fairy.

You can do this by saving a picture from Google Images or you can crop images of each of these characters into Snapchat.

Simply open up the TikTok app and search ‘Shapeshifting’ into the search bar.

Select the filter and import your chosen image of the three characters.

Now, sit back and watch the filter work it’s magic.

Once it has counted down, it will assign you with a character.

So, Barbie, Bratz or a fairy, which one are you? 🤷‍♀️