Tiktok: New Craze “Egg Cleanse” Technique Explained

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We are aware of the different cleansing methods that currently exist. People try new ways to make things more efficient as possible. From the classic teas and baking soda, now egg cleanse in Tiktok is getting popular as a cleaning agent.

This might sound crazy as we are not talking about physical here but spiritual. Just like any craze in Tiktok, it sparked up enthusiasm for its viewers. So, there is no surprise that Tiktok has popularized this new thing which is the egg cleansing or limpia trend.

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The detoxifying effect that eggs give makes people wonder if it is effective and the current Tiktok #EggCleansing trend is the proof of it.

How it started

If you are currently wondering how to do it, let’s try to break down its steps into pieces. In this way, you’ll be able to execute the steps carefully. Mostly, the Latin community started this trend a couple of months ago and continues to flourish without any signs of slowing down.

A glimpse of the preparation of the egg cleanse content in Tiktok

The Steps

To give you an idea, here are some of the basic steps of the egg cleanse Tiktok content. It is a natural process that is all about life and energy. The technique is all about absorbing the negative energy in the vicinity.

  1. Put the eggs on the water and think about your desired thoughts
  2. After that, you will proceed to the herb burning process. You can use sage or frankincense to do it and expose the egg to the smoke
  3. Rub the egg on your body
  4. Crack the egg into a glass filled with purified water
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This egg cleansing video from @hippyb1tch333 is truly a great example for beginners like you. You should check it out.


it’s been awhile! I’m back and I’m better! #ColorCustomizer #eggcleansing #witchtok #spirituality DM for egg cleanse readings! I take tips🖤

♬ Up – Cardi B


After you have done the steps above for the egg cleanse ritual, try to look at the egg yolk. It is opened, right? There will be variations when it comes to the look of the yolk and you must be aware of the signs.

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The bubbles indicate that the negative energy was absorbed by it. On the other hand, if you see some cobwebs on it, some people are envious of you Lastly, spikes mean that there are energies taken away from your body.