What does /j mean on TikTok? Time to take life less seriously!

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TikTok has so much slang that there needs to be a dictionary just to understand TikTok lingo. It also would have to be updated daily!

We have already learned through Reddit the use and the importance of /s. If you don’t know, it is used to denote sarcasm in the post.

This handy abbreviation has saved a lot of people for arguing relentlessly over the internet and from getting banned from a lot of subs. There is a thin line between being really funny and being mean when it comes to sarcasm and /s helps a lot.

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What does /j mean on TikTok?

  • /j is used to denote ‘joking’ or ‘just kidding’.

Yes, even though it is trending, the meaning of /j is very simple. It is used in texting mostly because you cannot ascertain someone’s tone and figure out if they are joking or not. So to make people understand that you don’t mean it and that you are just joking, you should add /j on to your post. This will help avoid a lot of quarrels and misunderstandings.

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Although it is trending on TikTok, Gen Z has picked up this good habit and have started using it liberally on Twitter.

Is/j used on Twitter? How do you use it on Twitter?

/J has become so popular on Twitter that someone on Twitter made a tweet about how to properly use /j. These indicators are useful and help you in getting your message across efficiently and clearly.

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Other similar indicators that you should know about are /hj which means half-joking and /srs which means serious. Not to be confused with /s which is used to show sarcasm. Check out this tweet to understand some of the commonly used indicators.

Understanding how to use indicators and when to use them is necessary to use social media platforms. It helps you to give out the vibes you want and attract the same ones in return.

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If you are texting or posting something on any social media that can be perceived in more than one way, you should use a tag like /j to make people understand what you mean by your text.

This should be a norm for every social media platform to avoid confusion. What are your thoughts on the matter?