TikTok: What is Adrian’s Kickback trend? Here’s how to join!

Screenshot from YouTube @SNOE

Adrian’s Kickback trend is making headlines these days by being on TikTok’s For You page constantly and it needs to be explored.

What is the trend all about? Who is this Adrian? How did it become a trend? How can we all join it? We have answers to all these questions below. Keep reading to find out more.

Adrian’s Kickback trend explained

If you look up this trend on TikTok, the hashtag #adrianskickback has more than 18 million views. You can say it is the most “kicking” trend right now. Get it?

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The name of the trend comes from the song called “Adrian’s Hour – Kickback”. You can check out the song below.

The reason why so many people are obsessed with this song on TikTok is that it is nothing short of a groove monster. It is a skillfully crafted track that builds up to a massive momentum exploding in the power of drums and synths, mixing a euphoric atmosphere with the darkness of the clubs, all ready to set the dance floors on fire.

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Even without any lyrics, this song manages to touch everyone’s heart and make everyone move their body. But the music was released in 2018 so why the sudden interest in this song?

It is because Adrian Lopez took to TikTok on 19th May 2021 to post about an upcoming event. He is going to celebrate his birthday in Huntington Beach at the fire pits.

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The event is called Adrian’s Kickback as well and everyone who intends to join the artist is going to go. It starts at 7:30 pm on 22nd May so if you are around that area, you should definitely pop by.

So the reason for the trend is that since two days everyone is talking about how excited they are and if they are going to be there this weekend or not.