TikTok: Hip walking trend explored – Here’s how you can join the challenge

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Photo taken by Agatha Couto | Flickr

All the hot TikTokers are showing off their attempt at the latest TikTok challenge – Hip walking trend. But how do you do it?

Let us understand what the trend is all about. Then explore how to join and check out the most happening TikTok attempts.

Hip walking trend explored

This is the easiest of all TikTok challenges because all you have to do is walk… with grace. Compared to all the other types of walks, this one is all about walking with the hips. So with each step, a side of the hip should come forth.

It means walking with your whole body in tune. When you take your left foot forward, your upper body brings the right side ahead. This contradiction makes the left hip jut out and look cool.

But why is this a trend? It is not just because it is a fancy way of walking but also because everyone with a hot bod gets a chance to show off their gains.

Just like the silhouette challenge, this challenge is trending because everyone is showing off their bodies.

How to do the challenge

With the hashtags #hipwalk having 20 million views and #hipwalkchallenge getting 7 million views, you should definitely join the challenge to get maximum clout.

Load up Sonido Original song by Poppe as this is the trend song that everyone is using for this challenge. Make sure the camera has a good view of your hips and record yourself walking.

Check your hip movement with that of the other trend videos and see if you were successful. The best video to refer to is given below. Change your walk based on this video –

TikTok and Twitter reactions

A lot of people had issues with this trend because it all about having a skinny body and glorifying attractive bodies do all the normal things like walking.

Even the artist of the song that is used in this trend had something to say. Check out her TikTok video on this –


ok i’m gonna have to get more specific with this manifestation thing #hipwalk #viral #pushermeme

♬ sonido original – 𝑷𝒐𝒑𝒑𝒆♑

Let us see what others have to say about this trend –

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