TikTok: How to join the 27 video challenge explored – with 5 best attempts!

Screenshot from TikTok @titotheracoon

TikTok users have started appreciating their life and other things because of this new challenge called the 27 video.

So let us explore this challenge and join in on the trend. We will share the guide with you and some best examples so you can get some ideas.

What is the 27 video challenge?

Just as the name of the challenge says, you have to make a video that is a compilation of 27 videos. It can be random but most users are putting up the videos to showcase what their life consists of.

Some users have posted 27 videos with their fathers or of their fathers on Father’s day. Then there are some attempts with 27 random videos as well.

You can choose a theme and compile videos related to them. For example – father, your life, pet, partner, etc. What is the most important thing or person to you? You can start with that.

The hashtag #27photochallenge on TikTok has about 11 million views so far (13th September 2021). So use your editing skills to come up with an awesome attempt that will be featured in the hashtag.

How to join this TikTok challenge

Go on TikTok and select the videos that you want to compile. Edit it out so that they all last just a second.

Then add the music called “Swing Lynn” by the user @lovdfilmz. This is the best music to sync the videos as it offers the perfect beat for the transition.

You should join the challenge asap to get maximum clout because it is a very happening trend right now. TikTok stars have already joined and so should you.

Best attempts

So romanticize your life with this challenge and show us what you are all about.

Your pet will always bring a lot of clout but you can also get creative and show us the best parts of your life.


It’s been a year of falling in love with my home, myself, my partner and the beach #fyp #27videoschallenge #33 #aesthetic #aestheticsound #sunset #27

♬ swing lynn – lovdfilmz

You can share your journey of being a parent, your transformation if you have been working out, etc. Show the change in you from a few years back till now.

Give your viewers hope and inspiration with your progress.