TikTok: Chu pa pi nha nhố meaning and origin with 5 hilarious examples!

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Screenshot from @jaykindafunny8 TikTok

Chu pa pi nha nhố is a phrase that has been spiralling TikTok for a while now as the expression is paired with hilarious content. A creator named Jaykindafunny began this viral trend and users are now wondering where the craze originated.

In this article, we explore the meaning of chu pa pi nha nhố in an attempt to discover what the hype is all about. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about this popular expression, along with its TikTok origin as we provide amazing examples!

Chu pa pi nha nhố meaning on TikTok

Before we get into the supposed meaning of chu pa pi nha nhố, bare in mind that the definitions can vary!

The Spanish phrase ‘chu pa pi nha nhố’ is also referred to as ‘chupapimuñaño’ or ‘chupapi munyayo’ and can vary in spelling, expression and meaning.

Urban Dictionary defines the expression with an inappropriate meaning which refers to sexual activities.

While “papi” means “father or papa” in Spanish, and “munyayo” translates to “come on”, you can discover the rest on your own… 🍆

The popular TikTok hashtag #chupapimuñaño currently has over 52 million views in total and is full of content including the famous phrase.

Where did chu pa pi nha nhố originate?

The popular phrase ‘chu pa pi nha nhố’ begun circling the internet following videos shared by a comedy content creator named Jaykindafunny.

A particular video with over 135 million views as well as above 13 million likes has gained the most attention.

In the video, @jaykindafunny8 uses a long tube-shaped obstacle to sound the phrase toward a stranger, who is not pleasantly surprised.

The viral TikTok creator currently has 14.2 million followers along with over 257 million likes in total.

Over on YouTube, (Jaykindafunny) the user has over 120,000 subscribers and shares fun content such as pranks and more.

On Instagram as @jaykindafunny8, the creator has over 290,000 followers and often uploads content from TikTok, along with images of himself.

@jaykindafunny8 now continues to upload comical prank content involving the famous expression.

Keep reading for more amazing chu pa pi nha nhố examples!

Hilarious chu pa pi nha nhố TikTok examples

A user named @galvancillo2 used Jaykindafunny’s prank method on two individuals.


Pinche @jaykindafunny8 😂😂😂 @pologonzalez61 @el_guero_mp #galvancillo #risa #chupapimuñaño

♬ sonido original – Galvancillo2

@edumarurip also pranked his father on the beach.


Sorry Pa, sigue leyendo no más. @eduardomarurim 📖 #chupapimuñaño

♬ original sound – Edu Maruri

Another user named @joaquinsuarez04 incorporated chupapimuñaño into their sneeze.

@stefanvernica96 challenged himself to say chupapimuñaño 1000,000 times.


I’M SO MAD GUYS, SAYING CHUPAPI MUNANYOOO 100.000 TIMES #chupapimuñaño #fyp #challange

♬ original sound – alexa challenges

Varying content continues to grow as @jaykindafunny8 keeps up with his funny prank uploads.

Head over to TikTok and check out more incredible content surrounding the popular phrase; chupapimuñaño.