TikTok: Sheesh meaning explored with 5 amazing examples!

Screenshot from @ryzyen TikTok

The popular term ‘sheesh’ is currently trending on TikTok and everyone is wondering about the real meaning of this word. Creators are sharing hilarious content surrounding the expression featuring a viral sound on the app.

In this article, we explore the meaning of the term ‘sheesh’ in an attempt to discover what the hype is all about. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about this trending expression as we provide amazing examples and more!

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What is the meaning of Sheesh on TikTok?

Sheesh can have various meanings; it is used to express surprise and can therefore reference disappointment or annoyance.

However, the term can also represent excitement and many people use it to cheer on/hype up others.

Urban Dictionary defines ‘sheesh’ as essentially meaning ‘damnnn’ or ‘oh my god’; connoting surprise or shock.

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On TikTok, the popular hashtag #sheesh currently has over 1.8 billion views and is filled with content involving the term in different ways.

On one hand, the expression can be featured in videos to purely represent shock.

A user named @__sunniii featured the term ‘sheesh’ in the caption of a video showing shocking footage of firefighters saving people by forcing them through windows.

However, the word is currently trending online in relation to a popular audio that is used to convey praise.

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A user named @meetjulio uploaded a sound onto TikTok after they shared a video of a frog named King Julio.

The audio consists of the word ‘sheesh’ being repeatedly spoken in a high-pitch voice.

Creators are now using the audio to represent exciting moments, keep scrolling to check out some great examples!

Amazing TikTok examples using Sheesh

The popular sound has now featured in over 82k videos and contains content of a similar theme.

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@ucharlie paired the audio with his acted-out version of a scenario at school.

The sheesh sound is supposed to reference individuals in the classroom who hype up other students.

Another user named @dom.com04 referred to his friends praising the future creations he made for his children.

@bradeazy used the audio as he acted out his friends hyping up the bride at a wedding scenario.

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gen z weddings boutta be lit

♬ Sheeeshhh – King Julio

A user named @ryzyen referred to the year 2040 as his homies will cheer-on his new-born child.

@harrystylesextranipples featured the audio in a video regarding her limited edition kitchen aid in the future.

Head over to TikTok to check out more amazing content featuring the term ‘sheesh’!