TikTok: Claire Miller (spiritsandsuchconsulting) charged with murdering her sister

Screenshot from TikTok ac @spiritsandsuchconsulting Hanazawa’s Wig

Fourteen-year-old Claire Miller was charged with murdering her 19-year-old, wheelchair-bound sister on 22nd February 2021. Now, the story has filtered onto TikTok with a bizarre rippling effect.

This tragedy happened just a few days ago on 22nd February 2021, in the early morning. Claire Elaina Miller was charged with homicide and her social media post, posted just a day before the event is now going viral.

Warning, the rest of this article contains sensitive content and we would not recommend reading for those under 16 years old or to consult an adult before continuing scroll. Please do so.

How the murder happened

Claire, from Pennsylvania, goes by the name “Hanazawa’s Wig” and username @spiritsandsuchconsulting on TikTok, where she has a large following of 18k followers.

She used to post videos of her re-enacting scenes from shows and animes. There appeared to be a loving and fun relationship between her and family members, with videos of her dad twerking and laughing that posted just a little over a month ago.

According to the Lancaster County DA’s office’s official website, the murder happened in the middle of the night when Claire’s parents were both asleep. Claire went to her elder sister Helen, who was non-verbal and had cerebral palsy and stabbed her.

Helen died because of a stab wound on her neck shortly afterward. Then Claire hysterically called 911 and confessed to the murder.

Police officers from Manheim Township responded at Clayton Road a little after 1am for a reported stabbing and found Claire. Officers found Claire in front of the house with blood on her pants and she kept repeating that “I stabbed my sister”.

When they reached Helen’s bedroom, there was a pillow over the body and underneath they found “a large knife” on her neck just above her chest.

They found a lot of blood and it looked like Claire had tried to wash the blood off with the snow.

Despite the life-saving measures, Helen was pronounced dead by the coroner at 4:13 am. The cause of death was declared to be multiple stab wounds and it was ruled a homicide.

Charges against Claire Miller

Despite her age, Claire will be tried as an adult because she committed a homicide, which is not considered a delinquent act in Pennsylvania.

Due to the gravity of the crime, the state mandates that she will be treated as an adult for these charges which can lead to a murder conviction.

As per the official website of the Manheim Police Department, there was an arraignment in front of Magisterial District Judge David Miller on the same day (22 February 2021). She was charged with homicide, denied bail, and is currently being housed in Lancaster County Prison in a female housing unit under constant observation.

Claire is one of the youngest person in Lancaster County to be charged with homicide.

Claire Miller’s TikTok

After finding out so much about an event, we can see the events before that with a different light. The TikTok videos of Claire leave us with an unsettling feeling in the stomach now that we know what happened the day after the last video was taken.


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