YouTube: What time does Sidemen Sunday come out?

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Sidemen fans look forward to Sidemen Sunday every week and the hilarious YouTube channel has people counting down the days to their weekly video.

Some even say it’s the highlight of their week, but what time does it actually come out?

What time does Sidemen Sunday come out?

  • The videos have always been released around 6-8 pm GMT, people look forward to these posts each week and are not happy if they are late.

Their YouTube channel’s weekly posts have become a series for people. Fans keep up to date with the sidemen every week and love each of their videos.

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Most fans dedicate their Sundays to watching the Sidemen Sunday videos, some on Twitter really like to express how much they love this group of boys.

“If we can’t watch Sidemen together every Sunday I don’t want you” – @anabellezoe_

Who are The Sidemen?

The Sidemen is a group of seven lads who created a YouTube channel together in 2013. Since then, they have been like brothers to each other and fans feel like they are part of their group and community #cute.

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The Sidemen have posted a weekly video since 2013 called Sidemen Sundays and each week new creative content is put out and people even say it’s the best part of their week.

Sidemen consist of seven men who also have their own individual channels. Firstly, the screen name KSI is Olajide Olatunji – his nickname is JJ. The second team member is Harry Lewis, screen name Wroetoshaw. The third is Simon Minter, screen name Miniminter. Fourth is Vik Barn, screen name Vikstar123. Fifth is Josh Bradley, screen name Zerkaa. Sixth is Ethan Payne, screen name Behzinge and last but not least, Tobi Brown who is known as Tobjizze.

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The seven create content based around comedy, they also do a lot of video game streaming as well as vlogs.

What to expect from Sidemen Sunday

The Sidemen Sundays is a YouTube channel created by the seven best friends who post a new weekly video every Sunday, usually about real-life, Tinder, or the world’s most expensive Mukbang.

In 2018, every Sunday for the whole year a video was posted onto the channel, sometimes including all of the seven boys and sometimes just one or a few, depending on the video.

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