What is the DJ TikTok Zero Two Dance? Five incredible examples!

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The Zero Two Dance that is taking TikTok by storm!

There is a new TikTok dance taking over the app, where users recreate the dance all over their platforms to an incredibly catchy piece of music.

Almost all of these dances are going viral, with the same sound being used each time. The sound has over 600k videos made having used this sound.

What is the DJ TikTok Zero Two Dance?

The TikTok Zero Two Dance that is taking over the app is based on a music video with an anime character doing a dance to a catchy piece of music.

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Since this has been released, TikTok users are recreating the dance in the real world- by copying the anime character’s moves with their real bodies. The majority of the dance tends to be swinging your hips from side to side with your arms above your head, here are some examples below!

TikTok examples:

Here is one TikTok user trying the trend in her pyjamas!


Just in case this audio hasn’t popped up on your page 🤠 (hope it makes you suffer as well) #fyp #DiceRoll

♬ Hai phút hơn – marlene

These two decided to take on the dance together!

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Can’t escape it 🖤 get my sis to 100K!! @julia.burch #burchtwins

♬ Hai phút hơn – marlene

While this user took a festive spin on the viral trend.

This TikTok user duets the original video with his dancing side by side!


#duet with @brr_m am I late to this trend🧍🏻…anyways #zerotwo #anime

♬ Hai phút hơn – marlene

While this user does a funny take on his version, by changing his clothes just as the music begins.

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Will you be joining the trend?