TikTok: Guide and reactions to the white teeth filter

Screenshot from TikTok @notify_klipz

Have you ever wondered how you would look like if you whiten your teeth? Of course, TikTok has a filter that you can try to find out.

Here is how you can get the filter and you can also check out the reactions of people who have tried. They are all #hilariousaf

How to get the White Teeth filter

Finding a filter on TikTok is pretty easy, especially if you know the name of the filter. For this filter, go on to the app to open the camera and tap on the “Effects” gallery on the bottom left.

You will find yourself in the “Trending” tab of the filters. Swipe the tabs until you find “Filter”. Scroll until you see an orange smiling face with white teeth. Once you tap on the icon, you will instantly see a change in the colour of your teeth.

Smile with your teeth and then tap on the filter and you will realize how effective the filter is and how you will look with your teeth whitened. Maybe this will encourage you to make an appointment with your dentist or start flossing.

Best TikTok attempts

Some people find the pearly whites unnatural and alien…


I think I’ll keep MY teethπŸ’•πŸ¦·πŸͺ₯ #whiteteethfilter

♬ original sound – Scout

But it seems to be working wonders on others.

If you want to see the effect working in real-time, here it is. It detects your mouth and whitens that area like it is shown below in the video.


#stitch with @madisonfox367 What in the magicians trick is going on? #whiteteethfilter #crazyfilter

♬ Everywhereigo – Babyxsosa

You can also use it to fool your followers or prank your friends.

Regardless, once you see the effects of the filter on your teeth, it is sure to give you a perspective and maybe ruin your confidence.