TikTok: Where to find the Shifting Filter – and how to use it!

screenshot shifting
Screenshot from TikTok @daisysolomon

The shifting filter is one that everyone has been obsessed with since it came out on TikTok. Read below to find out what it is along with some great examples.

What is the TikTok Shifting filter?

The shifting effect on TikTok is trending recently, with #shiftingfilter having 163.2k views. The filter transitions between a photo and the TikTok user. TikTokers have been using pictures with multiple people in to see which one the filter thinks they look the most like – for example pictures with all the Disney Princesses or Marvel characters.

Some of our favourite examples


Mega fucking fuming

♬ a 4 am mood – simon

Similar filters on TikTok

Another similar filter is the ‘Shapeshifting’ effect. Like the Shifting filter, it transitions between the TikToker and an image of another person; however, TikTokers are using this filter to find out their celebrity look-alike. This filter also has a three-second countdown too