TikTok: Who is Susi Vidal? Age, social media and videos explored!

screenshot susi
Screenshot from TikTok @susi.vidal

Susi Vidal is a 21-year-old creator on TikTok, known for her amazing recipes.

In this article, we explore this influencer and why everyone is loving her videos so much at the moment. Keep reading to find out who she is, her social media platforms, and some of our favourite TikToks of hers.

Who is Susi Vidal?

Susi Vidal is a 22-year-old content creator on TikTok, under the name @susi.vidal. She has over 850k followers on the platform, and the majority of her videos include making delicious food and drink. She is also known for the subtle and funny sexual innuendos that she makes when talking about her food.

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Reply to @oliverward95 I guess gnocchi is no joke 😫 #susionlypans #food #homecook #recipe #foru #aprilfools

♬ Good as Hell – Lizzo

What are her other social media platforms?

Along with her TikTok account, she is also a well-known individual on Instagram. Her account @susividal has nearly 130k followers and is still rapidly growing. Her posts include pictures of her food, herself, and nature.

Some of our favourite TikTok videos of hers!


IM BACK and also horn…Hungry 🤪 breakfast anytime of the day slaps hehe #susionlypans #foru #recipe #food #hellospring

♬ Iko Iko – Justin Wellington

Reply to @cadecapello this has been requested since I started OP 🥳 sooooo gooooood! #susionlypans #foru #recipe #food

♬ ROCKSTAR – DaBaby, Roddy Ricch

Reply to @nickbindel This recipe will be on my YouTube channel tomorrow 😘 #susionlypans #foryou #fyp #food #recipe

♬ Falling In Love Tonight – Fantasia