TikTok: What is the Happy Feet Prank? How can I do it?

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Screenshot from Unsplash @benhartley

Did you see any great April Fools Day pranks on TikTok this year? If not, don’t worry because this one will have you in stitches.

What is the Happy Feet prank on TikTok?

In honour of April Fools Day, many shared their own pranks on TikTok. One prank that was trending was the ‘HappyFeet’ prank.

The prank involved texting friends/family from an unknown number about the new text subscription service “HappyFeet.” When they would try to opt-out, the number would reply with gross pictures of feet and share a “helpful tip” as a thank you for that “feedback.”

Who started the prank?

A TikToker under the name of @riley.14_ initially posted a trio of HILARIOUS videos where she pranked her family with this amazing idea.


in honor of april fools

♬ original sound – riley

Some of our favourite examples

We know April Fools Day is over now, but this still seems like such a great prank to pull!