What does ‘Purr’ mean on TikTok? Meaning and origin explained

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Photo by Zach Reiner on Unsplash

Hashtag Hyena noticed a lot of TikTokers using ‘Purr’ in captions and comments. What is that supposed to mean? Is it related to cats? Are they calling each other cats?

HH could not understand the word or the context at first, so we decided to put our detective hats on and figure out its meaning for you.

Urban Dictionary was as usual funny but of no help. It states the meaning of Purr to be “How bad b*tches say period aka Miss Rolling Ray, the trendsetter.”

This definition itself makes you feel the need to open another dictionary to understand what this meaning means.

So let’s find out what it really means.

What does ‘Purr’ mean on TikTok?

Users on these platforms don’t use common words and make up their own slangs that new users have to learn in order to understand what’s going on.

Purr is definitely such a slang as it is used to show excitement or approval.

Sadly, knowing that is not enough to understand what it means when someone says ‘Purr’. Here is some context that will help you understand and use this slang in appropriate places.

Origin of the slang ‘Purr’

This may seem off-topic but have you seen cats purr? They purr when they are happy, when they see someone they like or when someone pets them the way they enjoy.

Purr is this low, continuous, murmuring sounds that cats make which sounds similar to the low hum of the car when it is turned on.

These little carnivores also purr for other reasons but the internet is obsessed with cats and they have chosen to use this “purr” sound to mean excitement.

Other meaning on texts and Twitter

The meaning of Purr on TikTok and Twitter is mostly a show of excitement and approval but when it comes to texting, there is one other meaning.

Girls use it to talk about their periods and purr is like a short form or a code word for them to freely talk about this issue.

There are still societies where girls feel the need to hide that they are talking about their “crimson tide” or “that time of the month”. This slang term helps them be open about this stigmatized issue at least while texting.