Twitter reacts to new meaning of YumNut – M&S create a Christmas slang!

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Marks & Spencers latest festive product caught Twitter by surprise; Santa’s YumNut might be this year’s favourite Christmassy slang.

M&S is a major British retailer that sells clothes, home products and food products mostly under its own label.

On November 5th, M&S took over Twitter to announce their latest festive product, the Santa’s YumNut 🎅.

We bet that the doughnut tastes delicious and you can find out yourself too, as Santa’s YumNut is available in stores.

The issue stands with the name that M&S chose for their festive bakery treat, a name that they have also trademarked.

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What is a YumNut?

The Santa’s YumNut is a Christmassy version of the brand’s yum yum-doughnut hybrid.

M&S first launched YumNut in March claiming to be the ‘world’s first’ cross between a doughnut and a yum yum.

This time around, M&S, in hopes to make these Christmas festivities under COVID-19 restrictions as sweet as possible, produced a Christmassy version of the YumNut: Santa’s YumNut.

YumNut Slang meaning

Twitter users were quick to point out the meaning YumNut has for many when paired with Santa.

“‘Who wants a bite of Santa’s YumNut?’ is simultaneously the best and worst sentence of all time,” one tweeted. But why is that?

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According to the Internet and the Urban dictionary, Nut has a naughty meaning nowadays 👀.

Twitter’s reaction to Santa’s YumNut

Many are speechless with the choice of M&S, others suggest that the marketing team should include gay people or at least show a teen before deciding on a name: “if they laugh, change the name.”

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Even SpecSavers, a British optical retail chain, joined the trolling of Santa’s YumNut.