TikTok: Who is Black Badger? Nevada video goes viral!

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TikTok has allowed people to pursue their dreams; the Black Badger is a comedian in the making that has gone viral on the platform.

TikTokers are said to be divided into two fandoms: the Straight TikTok, who follows the trends, and the Alt TikTok who constitutes the sarcastic part of TikTok.

Alt TikTok seems to fit the Black Badger better as his content is hilarious and has gone viral because of its uniqueness. 

Who is the Black Badger?

The real name of the Black Badger is Christian Haynes, he’s an American football enthusiast and a University of North Carolina at Charlotte alumni.

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He has over 844k followers on TikTok and 38k followers on Instagram. Christian is also taken, and we cannot help but think of how lucky his girlfriend must be 😍.

The Black Badger’s latest TikTok has over 4.4 million views, 727k likes and has blown up on Twitter in just 24 hours.

The Black Badger’s latest viral TikTok 

In the TikTok video, he comically recreated how he believes the state of Nevada is counting the votes of the 2020 US elections.

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The TikTok video has over 219k shares on TikTok and the retweets on Twitter are countless. 

The Black Badger was surprised to see his TikTok video go viral.

However, this isn’t the first time the TikToker has gone viral; many celebrities have shared his work.

His comic videos have been reposted by performers Snoop Dog, Trey Songz and Alicia Keys, by American footballer Lamar Jackson, by actor Orlando James and film director Matthew A. Cherry.

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It is a matter of time for the young TikToker to become a worldwide known comedian and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for the Black Badger 🦡.