What does PMO mean on TikTok and in texting?

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There are a lot of TikTok slangs that you have to keep up with. So what does the slang PMO mean on texting and the social media platform?

So let us explore this slang with examples so that you will be able to use it as well.

What does PMO mean on TikTok?

The website of Urban Dictionary usually has all the meanings of slang. This website says that PMO means –

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Put Me On, like hook me up , put me on him
Example – Yo pmo to that new girl at school, she a baddie.
Example – Aye homiepmo she a cutie!
Example – P#1~mane my cousin look good dont she ?
P#2~mane pmo to her she look fine asf
Example – Yoooo you got to pmoasap

But that’s not the only meaning on the website. Check out the other full forms below –

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Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm
Example – I’m going to quit PMO in the new year

Pre-Marital Orgasm
Example – I’m not just waiting for marriage to have sex, I’m completely no PMO!

piss me off
Example – boy: you look so ugly LMAOOOOO
girl: stfu u pmo
Example – You are starting to pmo

Here’s how to use it

The most common meaning is “Piss me off” and we don’t need to teach you how to use that. The other variations are “PMTFO” and the full form is “Piss me the f*ck off” as you might have guessed.

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You can use the acronym “Put me on” when you want someone to add you to their network – “Hey man, pmo your SC (Snapchat).”

Related phrases to say the same thing are “frosts my balls” and “pushes my buttons”.
Example – Oh man, this is really frosting my balls. I can’t take it no more.
Example – Now u really pushing my buttons. How bout you back off now eh?

In texting, PMO is mostly used to signify “pissing me off”. The other meanings do not apply for texting.