TikTok discovers a ‘Unicorn skull’ – is it real or fake?

Screenshot via TikTok @180flix

A new discovery has gone viral on TikTok – A unicorn skull! The TikTok video showed people discovering an ancient unicorn skull and now many users are excited about the alleged findings. But how real is it?

Unicorns are fantasy creatures that are thought to be fictional animals. However, this TikTok may have proved that this myth could actually be real… kind of.

Explained: Unicorn skull found on TikTok

The TikTok account @180flix uploaded a video on Valentine’s Day of them discovering a unicorn skull while digging their garden. They found the skull buried well under dirt and viewers were shocked by the video.

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From comments and tweets, people are saying that the skull was first discovered by their dog and they decided to explore and find out more. The skull is meant to be over 60,000 years old!

The user begins to unravel the skull by brushing dirt away and pull the skull out. But then, what shocked many viewers is when the large spike on top of the skull (typical asset of a unicorn) is shown.

The video has received over 9 million views and over 2 million likes – this video has gone super viral. @180flix normally uploads Call of Duty gameplay clips – and now has gained additional views and followers since uploading the unicorn TikTok

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Real or fake?

Unsurprisingly, there has been a lot of controversy around the discovered unicorn. Many people are calling it fake, yet many comments think it’s definitely real – including the original uploader.

There has been another updated video uploaded by the @180flix and another user called @connsully! @consully analyses the video to see if its fake or not and concludes its definitely fake.

He shows a fake skull on Amazon that is available to buy and says this is what @180flix has done and has fooled everyone.

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#stitch with @180flix if it did exist we would see some signs of it in the modern horse! #unicorn #dig #garden

♬ original sound – Connor

However, @180flix, replied to the video to prove that the video was in fact real. They compare the unicorn and Amazon fake unicorn skull – to say it looks different and their discovery looks more realistic than the one on Amazon.

They also show that they apparently got in contact with the FBI, as they show a WIFI available connection that is meant to be the FBI surveillance van.

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Internets reacts to the unicorn skull on TikTok

This person believes that the video is fake. She thinks the skull looks way too clean to be an ‘old’ unicorn skull – especially if it’s 60,000 years old.

This Twitter user is shocked by the unicorn discovery TikTok video! They clearly haven’t recovered from 2020 and now this in 2021.

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This person believes that unicorns were real due to this video and they need some history on unicorns asap. Some people might disagree with this tweeter.