TikTok user @onlyjayus allegedly says the n-word to black creator

screenshot via TikTok @onlyjayus

TikTok creator @onlyjayus has gone viral – but not in a good way. The creator has been accused of calling another black creator the n-word after an alleged screenshot of a conversation over Instagram DM was exposed.

Many people have gone to social media to express their thoughts and feelings on the situation. Some are defending the accusation while others are upset by it.

These are serious allegations and many fans are furious with @onlyjayus allegedly saying the n-word, especially as this isn’t the first time a creator has been outed for allegedly being racist.

Here’s everything you need to know.

N-word allegations on Instagram explained

For the past few days, there have been many accusations that TikTok creator @onlyjayus, or Isabela Avilla, called someone the n-word over Instagram DM. The TikToker has over 10 million followers and over 400 million likes on TikTok.

A leaked DM appeared on social media of an alleged conversation between @onlyjayus and a black creator called @freakdagemeni0. @freakdagemeni0 exposed this alleged racist DM on his live and, apparently, the DM was from when she was 17 years old and in her senior year.

She is now 21 years old.

After the DM was released, @freakdagemini0 account was banned and @onlyjayus added that the DMs were ‘fake’ and that the “autocorrect was to blame”.

@Freakdagemeni0 reacted to the aftermath of the exposure, saying that it is wrong for white creators to say the n-word and get away with it, comparing his treatment to rappers who have been penalized for saying the n-word in their songs.

The internet’s reaction to @onlyjayus

Many people think that Isabella contradicted herself and her brand, as she stands for the LGBTQ community. People have spoken about her video where she rants about equal rights for people.

After the alleged screenshots were exposed, many people took to social media to talk about race. And, this girl talks about the ‘racist phase’ some creators go through and how this has somehow become normalized.

This person has accused Isabela of taking the ‘Black Lives Matter’ out of her bio. However, no-one knows if the #BLM was in Isabela’s bio in the first place.