TikTok: Perfumed Mask meaning and video explained!

Screenshot from @cojosmojo TikTok

TikTok is going crazy after one creator shared his passionate reaction to a perfumed mask and viewers are left confused.

Hilarious reaction videos have now been shared onto the app by puzzled viewers.

Read below to find out what all the hype is about surrounding the perfumed mask video!

What is the perfumed mask video?

Stephen Cody Simpson is a male TikTok creator from Eastern Kentucky.

@cojosmojo has a large following on the app with 1.1.6K followers along with 1.2 million likes in total.

Having recently shared a video including a point-of-view, Stephen gained lots of attention surrounding the questionable contents of the upload.

In the video, Stephen acts out a situation whereby he accidentally puts on his partner’s perfumed mask, sat in his car at the gas station.

He then proceeds to passionately dance to Bruno Mars’ song ‘Gorilla‘ whilst staring into the camera and holding onto his car’s steering wheel.

This TikTok has now gained a huge 3.6 million views as well as 197.0K likes.

Why is everyone so confused?

Viewers are extremely confused after witnessing Stephen’s original perfumed mask video.

@chrishoffish received over 2K likes on the comment simply stating:

“I don’t get it”

TikTok user named Louie (@delunar.eclipse), gained 138.7K views on his upload containing questions about the perfumed mask video.


when you accidentally put on her perfumed mask at the gas station !!!😈 #DoritosFlatLife #PepsiHalftimeChallenge #PupPeroniShuffle #fyp #gorilla

♬ Gorilla – Bruno Mars

Louie questions what Stephen was trying to do in the video; was he turned on by her perfume scent?

Or, why did this cause him to act so passionately?

Numerous questions have been spiraling the TikTok app, many bluntly commented on Stephen’s original upload.

User @nikkinickel boldly asked:

“why do men think they can act like this LMAO”

Many viewers expressed their disturbance after watching the video, @donnajuric took to the comment section to ask:

“How do I un see this”

Hilarious TikTok reactions

TikTok user, @madvan16, received 5.5 million views on her video which included the opposite point-of-view to the original perfumed mask video.

Since this video gained more views than Stephen’s upload, Maddie’s comment section was full of confusion as users wondered what on earth was going on!

Another TikTok creator named @ethanp0iss0n now has 2.3 million views on his reenactment of the popular perfumed mask video.

Ethan jokingly captioned his video stating that this situation occurs ‘way too often’.


This happens way too often 😂🤦‍♂️ #fyp

♬ Gorilla – Bruno Mars

Along with 401.7K likes, the video also has a comment section filled with praise, as well as confusion from users who are yet to view the original TikTok.

Mitch Shroyer (@mitch.shroyer) also uploaded his version of the situation onto the app.

The user performed the role of a witness, acting as though he was watching a girl give her boyfriend the perfumed mask.

Ella Grizzy (@selfproclaimedhotbeach) re-enacted the TikTok scenario from the perfumed mask’s point-of-view.

Verified user, @ianisuglyy, jokingly performed the enthusiastic dance by imitating Stephen.


I hate when this happens

♬ Gorilla – Bruno Mars

Ian received many funny comments, one by @ela_mew which stated:

“that was a little too good to just be a parody”

Check out this hilarious trending TikTok video and see for yourself!