TikTok: Does Trisha Paytas work at Domino’s Pizza?

Screenshot taken from @trishlikefish88 TikTok

Trisha Paytas is an American media personality, YouTuber, model and singer who recently posted multiple videos of her on TikTok wearing a Domino’s Pizza uniform.

Viewers are now wondering whether Trisha does in fact work for the pizza company or perhaps she is just trying out a new style…

Where did the Domino’s rumour come from?

Trisha Paytas obtains a large TikTok following of 4 million users, along with 201.2 million likes in total.

Having previously announced she was going to stop using TikTok, on the 12th January Trisha contradicted herself as she uploaded another video with the caption indicating she is no longer going to do so:

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In this video, it is clear to see that she is wearing what appears to be a Domino’s Pizza uniform polo t-shirt, with the Domino’s Pizza logo printed onto the top of the right-hand side.

Her next video, posted only an hour afterwards, was a reply to a comment by @allhailtrisha, which stated:

“So Dominos hired you back👏”

Rather than acknowledging the comment directly, Trisha proceeded to recommend multiple menu items to her viewers.

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However, she did refer to the company using the possessive pronoun ‘our’ indicating she perhaps does work there.

Does she really work for Domino’s Pizza?

Trisha then replied to another comment curious about her job role as a worker for Domino’s Pizza, indirectly explaining that she in fact is a manager for the company:

She discloses company information, telling the viewers that obtaining a blue t-shirt means she has a managerial role as opposed to the blue t-shirts which are for “delivery drivers, pizza makers, etc…”

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To viewers and supporters of Trisha, this may not come as too much of a shock since the creator has openly expressed her love for pizza multiple times on various social media platforms.

Does this mean she is quitting social media?

Trisha Paytas posted a further TikTok video within the same hour, replying to yet another comment asking about her claims to quit social media:

The influencer finishes her video with a final goodbye as she quotes:

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“Goodbye TikTok, goodbye for now.”

Could this mean that her role at Domino’s Pizza has stopped her from creating content online?

She then returned just 14 hours later by uploading a TikTok, still wearing her Domino’s Pizza uniform.

What do you think? Does she really work for the huge pizza company?