How long does it take for a TikTok to go viral?

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Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

Every TikTok user tries to understand the algorithm in order to figure out how long does it take for a video to go viral.

Because that’s the dream of every user for every post they make. That may be, for any weird reason, a video will randomly go viral and they will gain a lot of clout. So here is an explanation of how the algorithm works…

How does TikTok algorithm works

In a press release, TikTok had shared how the For You page of the platform is calibrated and personalized for each user. Previously, it was assumed that the page was curated using videos related to the profile, location, and the videos that the user has previously engaged with. But now we know better.

The page is designed to reflect the preferences that are unique to each account. There are several factors that are taken into consideration while compiling the feed –

  • User interaction – It means that the videos you like and share, the accounts you follow, the comments you post, and the type of content you like to create are all taken into consideration.
  • Video information – They also take into account the captions, sounds, and hashtags you tend to like. So maybe you liked the caption and tapped on the heart icon even though the video was not to your liking, the algorithm will be able to pick up on that. That is because it can see that you don’t like other such videos so you must have liked it for the caption.
  • Device and account settings – Things like your language preference, country setting, and the device type are also noted. This ensures that you are not overwhelmed with high resolution videos only if your phone can’t handle it. They show the videos that your phone can handle, in the language you can understand, and takes the country culture into account as well.

How long does it take for a video to go viral

Now that you know how the algorithm works, are you any closer to figuring out how to make your video viral? The time it will take for a video to go viral cannot be ascertained.

But you can increase the chances by deciding on a theme. Once you do that, only post content related to that theme. Like and share the content based on that theme. Only follow people who like that theme and after a while, your account will be associated with that theme in the algorithm and show to everyone who likes that theme.

We don’t know how long that will take but if you follow these steps, your success is imminent.