23 perfect COVID vaccine captions for Instagram in 2021

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Your first post after the pandemic should be awesome. So make it count with the best caption about COVID-19 caption.

We did not get to post a lot of pics in 2020 because of the pandemic. But if you are going out to get the COVID-19 vaccine shot, it is a post-worthy moment. Add to it the best caption so that you can start this year on a great note on all fronts.

Here are some choices of captions for you –

  1. Getting the COVID-19 vaccine shot is the new black
  2. Don’t be blue. Make sure to vaccinate your crew
  3. Don’t hesitate. Just vaccinate
  4. You vaccinate what you create. So we got ourselves vaccinated
  5. I am vaccinated. You can kiss me now
  6. Be wise and immunize
  7. Help! I have been pricked
  8. The vaccine isn’t mean. It will keep us all clean
  9. Time to roll up our sleeves people…. to get vaccinated
  10. Take the vaccine shot so we can take vodka shots!
  11. The only time I wanted to get shot was for the COVID-19 vaccine shot
  12. Is this what superheroes feel like? Because I feel invincible
  13. Get vaccinated. But don’t stop washing hands
  14. The world is divided into 2 types of people now – the vaccinated and the ones who are not. Which one are you?
  15. If we train Amazon delivery guys to give vaccine shots, the whole world will be vaccinated within a week. Sooner if we all get Prime!
  16. I just got vaccinated. Where are my hugs?
  17. Reason #47 to get vaccinated – I can finally travel now!
  18. Was feeling touch starved. So I got vaccinated. What about you?
  19. I had so much stamina today that I went for round 2… of the COVID-19 vaccine!
  20. Got the vaccine shot and the only side effect is this bomb ass
  21. I got the vaccine shot – our only way out of this hell hole. So don’t be a dick and get your prick
  22. Removing the mask now and wearing a cape because I got my vaccine. Did you?
  23. Are you brave enough to get shot today? I meant the vaccine shot, obviously. What did you think I meant?
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