TikTok: What is the Cake Challenge? And how to nail it!

Screenshot via TikTok @sofianoele

The Cake Challenge on TikTok has been blowing up recently, all over social media. The challenge tests to see how big someone’s ‘behind’ is by using a barbell weight.

Many users are getting involved in this ‘asset’ challenge to see and share how big their behind is – both boys and girls who love their fitness and the gym are loving this as it’s good to see their progress.

The Cake Challenge is another challenge that has started on TikTok and is now one of the biggest and most viral challenges on social media right now. Here’s some of the coolest video examples and how you can get involved!

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What is the Cake Challenge on TikTok? 

Instead of a delicious treat, the Cake Challenge is a trend that shows how big someone’s behind is by rolling a weight over them. 

People are lining up their friends at their local gym or workout spot to lay down frontwards showing their behind. Then someone will roll a barbell over that person…

For some people with bigger behinds, the barbell will just catch it and not go any forward, but for people with smaller behinds, the barbell will just roll over them. 

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If the weight rolls over the person that’s more likely to be a fail and if it catches it means it’ll be a pass. This challenge has inspired many to get into the gym and work out their glutes!


Cake challenge check🍑 #fyp @hannaaahhhhh.banannnaaaa @cooneykadence @mmherr21

♬ Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts

Examples of the Cake challenge on TikTok

This group of boys decide to get involved in this challenge, they do this by lining up and testing each other’s behinds… the last one is a definite winner! 

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This team of gym staff have got involved in the challenge and put many to shame as all of them passed the challenge and have got ‘cake’. 


guess who got cake @biancaborda @fengleeder @tasneemsamuel @nathankostadinovski #cakechallenge #gymhumor😂😂 #gymfun #foryou #cake

♬ Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts

These two women try and fail the cake challenge as both of them had the weight rolled over them. The second one was so close!

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How to get involved in the Cake Challenge on TikTok

To get involved in this challenge it’s very easy. All you need is TikTok and a barbell! 

Get a few friends to join you in the challenge and ask everyone to each take turns to lay down and allowing the weight to be rolled over them. 

Record it on TikTok, for those who passed out the cake emoji next to their name – for those who failed put an X emoji next to their name. 

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When uploading to TikTok make sure you hashtag ‘cake’ challenge so users can find your video of the challenge!