TikTok: Meet Ziah Marie – age, Twitter drama and where she’s from!

Screenshot,TikTok @cancerousthot
Screenshot, TikTok - @cancerousthot

TikTok star, Ziah Marie has found herself in some Twitter drama. The social media content creator has over 700k followers, so fans are left wondering what the drama is about.

Find out what happened as well as all you need to know about Ziah Marie.

Who is Ziah Marie?

Ziah Marie is a dance and lip-sync content creator who is recognised for her e-girl persona. Her TikTok account, @cancerousthot, has over 700k followers and she regularly posts videos of herself in costume.

The social media star is 16 years old and lives in Florida, her age has sparked debate on TikTok as many fans think she acts and dresses like someone older than her years. She lives with her family and cat, Suki.

She has performed to songs by Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Clairo. Ziah Marie is also a gamer, and regularly responds to comments asking if she really games. She sarcastically replied, “no I just felt like wasting money on the gaming chair!”

What is the Twitter drama?

Ziah Marie has recently been involved in Twitter drama and has since gained a large number of new followers. The user @DLoadded tweeted, “I hate b*tches who think they know everything it’s actually so annoying to deal with”.

Ziah Marie retweeted with the comment: “Get well soon xx, Sincerely, – a b*tch who thinks she knows everything.”

Jake joked that Ziah’s followers think the pair are in a real argument, but they both quickly clarified that they are not. Ziah Marie wrote, “LOL, guys we aren’t fighting we’re just friends who really f**king hate each other in a friendly way!!”

Ziah Marie has been involved in drama before, with TikTok fans claiming she does not have enough followers, and her loyal followers asking why they are not enough. The star has even threatened to delete her account, claiming it is “dying” anyway.

However, it seems this Twitter drama was just a false alarm!