Gabe Salazar Death; Fans are Sorrowful and Heartbroken

    Gabe Salazar Death
    Gabe Salazar Death; he allegedly died from a car crash

    The social media community is still trying to take in the news of Gabe Salazar death. Although Gabe Salazar death hasn’t been confirmed officially, his fans are sorrowful and heartbroken. They have flooded his TikTok and Instagram pages with condolence messages.

    Gabe was a social media sensation from the USA. Hi real name was Gabriel Salazar. He was born in 2002. He celebrated his 19th birthday on 12 January 2021.

    Gabe was not only a social media influencer but also a model and an actor. His TikTok page @gabenotbabe has almost 2 million fans and over 85 million likes.

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    The last TikTok video he shared before his death was on 23 September 2021. The video has over 35,000 comments and more than 300,000 likes.

    Gabe Salazar Death; his last video on 23 September 2021

    Gabe was also a rising Instagram star (Instagram/gabenotbabee). His Instagram followers are now over 600,000. Interestingly, he has gained more than 100,000 Instagram followers after his death.

    His fans adored him because of his amazing lip-synchronizing. His skits were awesome and entertaining.

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    Gabe Salazar Family

    Gabe adored his family. His sister’ name is Danna. He also has a little brother. He was often seen hanging out with them.

    His sister Danna was heartbroken when she had about Gabe Salazar death. She shared old photos of Gabe on her Instagram page. She also expressed her love for her brother.

    This is what Danna wrote: “I love you so much, Gabriel. You were so perfect. I will never forget you, take care of us from heaven my beautiful child. Always in my heart.”

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    What Caused Gabe Salazar Death?

    Unconfirmed reports say that he died in a grisly car crash. The crash happened in San Antonio, Texas in the wee morning hours of Sunday, 26 September 2021.

    Gabe’s GoFundMe Fundraiser

    Chris Vazquez who is one of Gabe’s buddies set up a GoFundMe account. The account is to raise cash to take care of Gabe’s funeral. Chris mentions Gabe’s car crash on the GoFundMe page. The fundraiser target was $25,000.However, the amount raised by Tuesday 28 September was $30,552.

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    His fans, family, and friends are sharing a picture of Gabe with white and black angel wings. His friend Rickey Flores described him as a guy who always had a smile and a big hug. He has also been described as a funny guy with a hint of sarcasm and a subtle sense of humor.

    Gabe Salazar Death; the Trending Angel Picture from his Family and Friends

    Gabe Salazar’s death at such a young age is a big blow to the entire social media community. He shall be greatly missed.