TikTok: How to do the Here Comes Santa Claus dance

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TikTok dances are a great way to exercise, but they are harder to learn than you might think; try the Here Comes Santa Claus dance to get into the Christmas spirit.

It was only a matter of time before Christmas dances and songs started trending on TikTok. With Christmas Day just five weeks away, it’s time to start getting excited and the best way to do so is by learning a TikTok dance.

Here Comes Santa Claus: Song and origin

The Here Comes Santa Claus dance is to, you guessed it, ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’ by Gene Autry. The song originally came out in 1947 but, like all Christmas songs, it has been covered many times over the years by different artists.

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The dance itself was started by @karawardddd who called the audio ‘this is our dance give credit lol’ and it has been used on 517k videos so far. Kara has 18k TikTok followers and came up with the dance routine with her best friend.

How to do the Here Comes Santa Claus dance

  • Find a partner and walk into the shot facing the camera, moving your left arm as a lever.
  • Throw both arms forward and wriggle your bum.
  • Then slide to one side and pop your chest, making sure you alternate directions with your partner.
  • Then walk forward, flick your hair, and drop to the floor with your legs apart.
  • The person at the back then jumps up and throws their arms in the air, followed by the second person who jumps up and bends forward like a reindeer.
  • Next, both hop with arms in front like a bunny towards opposite sides of the screen.
  • Finally, one partner holds the reins and acts as a puppeteer for their partner’s chest pop movements.
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Good luck!