Reddit “This Meme Is From The Future” explained – Twitter’s new memes from the future!

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Reddit user @danknessin_memesout shared a meme from the future in 2016, and now the meme has seemingly become present.

The networking site Reddit is known for being a constant generator of memes that then take over the internet. This user named “@danknessin_memesout” posted a meme on Me IRL page on Reddit which read “This meme is from the future, you don’t get the reference yet.” Here’s everything you need to know!

Danknessin_memesout meme on Me IRL Reddit

Me IRL is a Reddit group created back in 2012. The content of the group revolves around sarcastically commenting on mental health issues and self-deprecating humour. Me IRL has over 4.9 million members and it’s widely popular on Twitter too.

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While the content of the group might be sensitive for some, many have found confront in making light-hearted memes to explain their mental health issues and they often go viral.

Back in 2016, a group member of “Me IRL” named ““@danknessin_memesout” created a meme and named it “this is a meme from the future.”

This is a meme from the future explained

Reddit user’s meme shows a grown man with his hands up in the air, yelling, in four different positions and colours.

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See the meme here.

Four years after the meme was posted, people are wondering if the pandemic is the time to unravel the meme, as it’s trending on the online game Among Us.

Evidently, the meme of 2016 predicted a video game released in 2018. The video game is named “Deltarune”, where the player controls a human in a town inhabited by monsters.

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Apart from the prediction of the realistic video game which makes you feel like you’re playing with yourself according to video game enthusiasts, the “this meme is from the future” could have also predicted our quarantine mental health.

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The Reddit meme totally describes how we’re all feeling after a year in lockdown. Did @danknessin_memesout predict the global pandemic?

Well, some Reddit users believe that the time to unpack the meme hasn’t come yet. The year will be 42069, so we have yet to find out the exact meaning of the meme.

Twitter recreating “this meme is from the future”

Twitter is a fan of complicated and irrational things and it has decided to create its own “memes from the future.”

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Here are a few Twitter memes from the future that we will be unpacking in a couple of years!

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