TikTok: What is the Ear Wax Smell trend? 5 stomach-churning examples!

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Another new TikTok trend has gone viral, but its not what you would expect it to be!

The latest trend to storm the for you page on TikTok is not new dances or lip synching videos- its ear wax removal videos!

In these videos, ear wax removal enthusiasts attempt to clean peoples ears with a variety of cleaning fluids.

This trend is definitely not the the weak stomach!

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Why are these videos going viral on TikTok?

Internet users are no stranger to disgusting trends going viral, with the old phenomenon being pimple popping, it should be no surprise to anybody that ear wax removal is the next popular trend.

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There is no harm in watching these videos, unless you have a weak stomach, but there is some danger in attempting these procedures yourself.

These videos are all going viral because something in human nature finds it oddly satisfying to watch.

With the introduction of ear wax removal candles, users in the comments of videos are all wondering whether the ear wax has an odour or not.

As people keep asking whether or not the ear wax smells or not, it is causing more users to try it out and find out for themselves!

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What is Ear Wax Smell trend?

Ear wax removal is a procedure done by medical professionals, which allows patients to have their ear wax removed via a small curved instrument.

These procedure should only be completeted by a professional, as it may be potentially dangerous to someone who is not trained.

There are also ear wax removal candles which have also gone viral.

The candles are available on amazon and lots of users have been using them to remove their own wax.

Five of our favourite TikTok examples

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The following are examples of the stomach churning TikTok trend-

This video is an example of a user trying out the ear wax removal candles. It shows all of the build up from the ear and the amount that can be removed!

In this video, another user captions it ‘satisfying’ and shows a whole removal of eae wax via a medical procedure.


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This TikTok shows another method of ear wax removal, via cleaning fluid!

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In this video, a TikTok user shows his experience with the ear wax removal candles.

Here, the video shows another ear wax removal done by a medical professional!